Transform Your Agilities Profile

Prasad works with CEOs and senior leadership to enhance the agilities of their organizations using the proprietary framework of five intelligences (agilities). The result is a remarkable improvement in the capabilities  of the organization to handle change–innovation and profits go up while costs go down. 


Workshop Leader

Prasad’s workshops help attendees assess themselves and analyze their agilities profiles. They develop personal blueprints to become more innovative and more agile leaders, who can act quickly but also wisely. Workshops range from 1/2-day CXO-level to multi-week culture development exercises.



Prasad has consistently been rated an excellent speaker by various audiences. He frequently speaks to large corporate and college audiences on various topics that range from “How to develop an innovation mindset and culture” to “How to build agile companies  that can grow faster.”

To engage Prasad, drop a note to Lauren Richie at lrichie (at)

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