Baba Prasad (“Prasad”) is a leading thinker in strategy and innovation. He helps senior executives working in turbulent market conditions transform their companies, teams, and themselves into dynamic, resilient and visionary powerhouses. In today’s turbulent business worlds, Prasad and his team enable clients to go beyond reactive short-term responses to thinking and acting quickly but also wisely. The Vivékin Intelligences Framework (VIF) developed over many years of Prasad’s research at some of the world’s best B-schools—Wharton, Purdue & University of Minnesota—is paradigm-shifting for strategy, innovation, and leadership. It has been honed through many years of consultancy in a range of companies—from Fortune 100s to startups. 

Drawing on the recognition that humans principally rely on intelligence when they need to be agile, Prasad’s question, “Can there be an organizational equivalent for intelligence?” has led to very interesting answers. We find that agility has to be considered in five dimensions—analytical, operational, inventive, communicative, and visionary. With the Vivekin Agilities Profile (VAP)—a unique tool to understand and measure agility across the five dimensions—Prasad helps CXOs discover strengths and correct lopsidedness in their company’s agilities. Such unrecognized imbalances destroyed giants like DEC, Nokia, Kodak and Enron.

Prasad’s book, NIMBLE: MAKE YOURSELF AND YOUR COMPANY RESILIENT IN THE AGE OF CONSTANT CHANGE (TarcherPerigee/Penguin Random House, Feb 2018) has won wide advance praise from CEOs and leading thinkers across the world.

Prasad and his wife, Leela Prasad of Duke University work with underprivileged schools in Hyderabad, and are currently making a film titled MOVED BY GANDHI. Prasad lives across two continents, and is a fitness enthusiast. He is an excellent speaker and an award-winning B-School professor.

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